BREEAM Certification

BREEAM is a multi-criteria building assessment system used by investors, developers and occupiers. Meeting the BREEAM requirements helps buildings to achieve lower operating costs, reduce environmental impact and create an environment that is conducive to occupant health and comfort.
JW+A specializes in BREEAM certification advisory services under the International New Construction certification scheme for planned buildings and In-Use International for existing buildings.

For which buildings a BREEAM certificate can be obtained?

Newly constructed buildings and existing buildings can apply for a BREEAM certificate. To achieve a certificate for an emerging building, the BREEAM requirements for the design and construction process must be met and verified by an assessor and then with a BRE certification body. In order to obtain a certificate for an existing building it is necessary to meet the requirements evaluating technical equipment and management of the building, which is then audited by an Assessor. The result of the audit, once approved by BRE, is a certificate.

BREEAM International New Construction – a certificate for a new building

International New Construction is awarded to buildings with functions:

  • Residential
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial and warehousing
  • Hotel,
  • Educational,
  • Other.

BREEAM In-Use International – Certificate for an existing building

It can be obtained for both new and existing buildings, regardless of their age. Existing buildings are assessed using In-Use certification. In-Use International is divided into three separate parts, each covering a different range of building performance:

Part 1 – Asset Performance

Part 1 of the certificate evaluates the technical performance of the building, its form, envelope and structure, and installed equipment.

Part 2 – Building Management

The second part assesses how the facility is managed.

Part 3 – Occupier Management

Management of sustainability parameters for the organization (only applicable to organizations in office, retail and healthcare facilities).

How to achieve BREEAM certification?

JW+A is a BREEAM licensed organisation and has Licensed Assessor Company status. Our team includes qualified experts with International New Construction and In-Use International assessor accreditations, as well as accredited AP and Associate specialist.

Working with JW+A experts for new construction

JW+A experts help building owners, developers and general contractors to obtain BREEAM certificates. In order to obtain certification for a new building, requirements describing specific technical solutions or the management of the design and construction process must be implemented.
In order to optimally and effectively achieve certification, cooperation with JW+A experts consists of three basic stages:

In this phase our experts analyse the guidelines and solutions that can be implemented to meet them and together with the client determine how and to what extent they can be implemented.

Implementation of requirements during the project phase and obtaining Interim certification
Then, in cooperation with the project team, our experts help to implement the solutions identified in the pre-assessment phase and verify them in terms of compliance with BREEAM. A number of additional analyses and expertise, including an energy model, LCC analysis and LCA analysis, an acoustician’s or ecologist’s opinion, can help to obtain the certificate. At the design stage, it is possible to obtain an Interim Certificate.

Implementation of BREEAM requirements at the construction stage and obtaining a Final certificate
We help to carry out the construction process in accordance with the requirements in cooperation with the client and the contractor. Upon completion of construction, Final certification is possible.

Co-operation with accredited BREEAM AP JW+A specialist for new building
Our specialists are accredited and can act as independent advisors to design and construction teams in all phases of design and construction.

Working with JW+A to certify an existing building

In order to optimally and effectively achieve certification, cooperation with JW+A experts consists of two basic steps:

In this phase, our experts analyse the BREEAM guidelines in selected parts of the certificate, solutions possible to implement in order to meet them and together with the client and facility management team, determine the manner and scope of their implementation.

Assessment of BREEAM requirements implementation and audit
Assessor JW+A then performs an audit of the facility and documentation to verify implementation. The result of the audit, after successful verification by BRE, is a certificate.

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