EPD Environmental Declaration

What is the EPD?

The EPD, or the Environmental Product Declaration, is a document based on international standards and LCA calculation methodology. An EPD outlines how and to what extent a product affects the environment throughout its life – from the extraction of raw materials, through production and use, to its disposal or processing.
EPDs can be used for products and products regardless of their type or industry. An EPD can cover an entire product family – in this case, the input data is aggregated into one representative product.
Importantly, the requirements of the environmental declaration do not specify the minimum criteria that a product or production plant must meet.

Why is it worth to carry out an EPD?

  • The EPD allows you to adapt to legal requirements and regulations – e.g. the EU and EEA public procurement sector is obliged to apply the EPD environmental declaration.
  • Earning an EPD sets the product apart from the competition and draws the attention of conscious consumers.
  • A manufacturer who has taken care of EPDs understands the environmental impact of products and wants to measure and reduce this impact.
  • The manufacturer has the option of obtaining an EPD for the entire product group or for the assortment.
  • Obtaining an environmental EPD means additional points in multi-criteria certification schemes such as LEED or BREEAM.

How can we help
you earn an environmental EPD for your product?

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our experts, we will guide you through the process of obtaining an EPD declaration in a few steps:

We will guide you through
the whole process:


Defining needs and collecting data: we will analyze your assortment, determine the strategy and schedule of activities, collect input data (i.e. information about the product and production processes such as media consumption for production or means of transport) from production plants.


LCA analysis and report: we will perform LCA calculations of the product and present them in the report, taking into account the methodology and assumptions.


Verification by the verification body and subsequent publication on publicly available platforms: we will send the collected documentation to an independent verification body. After a positive assessment, your product will receive an EPD identification number and a certificate confirming compliance with the methodology and standards.

Download the presentation:

Do you need an EPD for your product?

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