ESG due diligence

What is ESG due diligence?

ESG due diligence allows you to thoroughly analyze the potential risks and benefits associated with a property or building portfolio in terms of its impact on the natural environment and the local community, and assess the management of the facility. ESG due diligence results shape investment decisions and property management policy, as well as affect the market value of a building.

What are the benefits gives ESG due diligence?

ESG due diligence confirms that a single property or an entire portfolio of buildings is operating according to best business practices. It also allows you to identify potential hazards that could affect the market value or prestige of the building. Real estate companies, through this in-depth analysis, can make more informed investment and sustainability decisions and effectively attract tenants and investors for whom modernity and responsibility are a top priority.

Identification of potential threats

Informed investment decisions

Confirming the achievement of ESG and sustainability objectives

Increasing the market value of real estate

Increased investor interest

Easier access to external financing

How can we conduct ESG due diligence?

JWA’s multidisciplinary team of experts will analyse the impact of your property on the environment and the local community and assess the facility’s management policy. We will check the performance of the building in the context of operation (water consumption, energy, waste management, etc.) and compliance with applicable regulations.
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