Reporting GRESB

What is GRESB reporting?

GRESB reports are standardized criteria for reporting ESG results for companies from the real estate and infrastructure sector. They provide financial markets with reliable data and business analysis and support the investment decision-making process. GRESB extension contains a set of indicators and metrics that are used to measure and report on the achievements of companies in the field of environmental protection, social responsibility and management (ESG).

What are the benefits gives reporting GRESB?

The GRESB standard can be used by investors and global stakeholders to assess the sustainability performance of companies and real estate. It is an important factor in the process of making informed investment decisions. The GRESB rating is an internationally recognized and reliable indicator of sustainability performance in the real estate and infrastructure sector.

How can we help you with GRESB reporting?

Our experts support clients at every stage of the reporting process. We carry out a comprehensive assessment of the functioning of buildings and organizations, identifying areas for improvement. We develop an individual sustainable development strategy and provide continuous support in achieving compliance with the requirements of GRESB reporting and improving sustainability performance within a specified period of time. Our services also include data collection and verification and technical asset assessment to help clients improve their ESG performance and comply with GRESB requirements.
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