JWA Academy

What is the JWA Academy?

JWA Academy is JWA’s educational project. Our specialized training is aimed at people who would like to expand their competence in the field of sustainable construction and ESG – both those who are just taking their first steps in this field and professionals who want to gain practical skills in implementing environmental issues in their companies.

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Konrad Kądziołka

Business Development Representative

JWA Academy - specialized training for companies

Among other things, we conduct specialized training for companies. Knowledge will be passed on to you by experienced experts who, based on examples from their daily work, will introduce you to practical issues related to, among other things:
  • energy efficiency,
  • LCA of the building (carbon footprint),
  • facility certification,
  • EU taxonomy,
  • reporting in sustainable development,
  • ways to decarbonize.

What are the benefits of JWA Academy development training?

We are aware of how much impact construction has on both the environment and users – at every stage of a building’s life cycle. The JWA Academy was therefore established as a response to the growing need for ESG. It makes it possible to obtain the competencies of the future needed in professions related to sustainability issues, i.e., implementation, process guidance, analysis and requirements of the company’s internal and external environment.
The target of JWA Academy’s specialised training .

The training offer, depending on the topic and scope, is for people who:

  • are experts in non-ESG fields and need sound practical knowledge to comply with EU requirements,
  • are sustainability practitioners and need to expand their knowledge on topics related to the construction industry,
  • are beginning their careers in this area,
  • would like to change jobs or need additional competencies to meet the demands in the company,
  • are preparing their company for non-financial reporting and need practical information and guidance on how to do so,
  • are passionate about environmental issues and would like to have a greater impact on the fate of our planet.
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