LCA analysis

LCA - what is it?

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is an environmental life cycle assessment based on international standards. It allows to verify the environmental impact of an object. The environmental impact is expressed in measurable values – including in the form of CO2 emissions, which are responsible for the greenhouse effect.

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What are the benefits of LCA?

Conducting an LCA analysis provides a number of benefits to a building owner or landlord. Among the most important are:
  • LCA analysis is included in multi-criteria certification systems, such as LEED or BREEAM (gives extra points in certification).
  • LCA analysis determines the environmental impact of a building – as a result, it allows to identify the sources of the largest emissions,
  • can provide a starting point for an advisory analysis and thus help in taking measures to reduce emissions.
It is worth knowing that the life cycle of a facility is calculated from the production of the necessary materials until the building is demolished. The LCA analysis therefore makes it possible to identify inefficient and significantly environmentally damaging design solutions, but also any elements or materials used in the construction process.

How can we conduct an LCA for your building?

The analysis is carried out using a special One Click LCA program that meets the requirements of applicable standards: ISO 14040, EN 15804, and ISO 21930. The software complies with international certification systems, and uses the Ecoinvent database and Bionova’s general database.
The data we enter into the LCA program includes.
  • construction and finishing materials, (carbon footprint),
  • records of utilities used during construction,
  • Records of waste generated during construction,
  • projected (or actual) lifetime utility consumption.
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