Building certification training

The JWA team is made up of accredited specialists and building certification assessors, who help our clients on a daily basis to obtain certificates for newly designed and existing commercial buildings.

The constantly updated knowledge and extensive experience of our experts are a guarantee of certification training at the highest level, with an emphasis on practical information.

Our training offer on international price standards: BREEAM, LEED and WELL is addressed primarily to designers and contractors, but also to anyone who wants to feel comfortable with the issue of certification and efficiently manage this process in their organizations.

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Małgorzata Kozieł

Account Executive Business Development

What skills can you gain?

Trainees will learn the evaluation criteria and procedures for BREEAM, LEED and WELL certification. They will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to design and construct buildings that are climate-neutral, user-friendly and highly rated in each category. They will learn the principles of sustainable construction concerning, among other things: building energy efficiency, water and waste management, air quality and the use of environmentally friendly materials. All these aspects are verified in detail during the certification process.

How do we train?

JWA’s training program focuses on providing the participant with full knowledge and support, starting with an introduction to the certification in question and a presentation of its technical and formal requirements. We determine the detailed scope and form of the training individually with the customer, so that our offer best meets the customer’s needs.Trainings conducted by JWA experts are held online or stationary, at the Client’s premises.
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