WELL certification and WELL Rating

What is the WELL certificate and WELL Rating?

WELL certification is a prestigious and extensive multi-criteria building evaluation system that focuses primarily on the comfort and safety of occupants and their mental and physical health. WELL certification applies to both newly designed and existing buildings, including: office buildings, shopping malls, warehouse buildings, multi-family residential buildings, hospitals, hotels and schools. It requires renewal every three years.
The WELL Rating is a rating system aimed at achieving a specific goal: Creating a safe and healthy work environment and a place that prioritizes supporting diversity. To maintain the WELL Rating badge, projects require annual review and renewal.

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WELL Rating Types

The WELL Health and Safety Rating confirms the building’s use of solutions and procedures to ensure the safety and health of occupants, including limiting the spread of disease, which is of great importance in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, for example.
The WELL Performance Rating confirms high air, lighting and water quality, as well as thermal and acoustic comfort in the building. Meeting the WELL Performance Rating criteria partially overlaps with the WELL certification requirements and helps achieve this certification.
The WELL Equity Rating supports diversity and helps create equal development opportunities for all members of the community. In a safe and friendly environment, employees are more engaged in their tasks, are innovative and are less likely to change jobs.

The benefits of WELL certification and WELL Rating

High quality of the building's indoor environment

Lower risk of spreading diseases

Greater sense of security for occupants

Reliable evaluation system preceded by a thorough audit of the facility.

Confirmation of equal opportunities for employee development

Better health and well-being of employees

How can we help you get certified?

With years of experience, WELL accredited experts, and developed processes, we effectively support our clients in obtaining WELL certifications and WELL Ratings. We work with property owners and managers, developers and general contractors.
By obtaining a WELL certification for your investment, you are taking the first step toward achieving your ESG and sustainability strategy goals. We will help you plan the next ones.

We will guide you through
the certification process:


We will introduce you to the process and method of cooperation. We will jointly establish a schedule for each party's activities. We will perform a preliminary assessment of the building to determine the achievable level of certification.


We will analyze your project and assess its compliance with certification requirements. We will determine the scope of necessary work and changes.


We will coordinate the implementation of recommended solutions and confirm their compliance with certification requirements. We will prepare and submit the investment documentation to the IWBI certification body.


An independent WELL accredited auditor will verify the implemented solutions in accordance with WELL certification requirements.


In the final step, IWBI verifies the documentation and awards either a WELL Certificate valid for 3 years or a WELL Rating valid for one year.

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