Advising and assisting builders, contractors and designers

Owing to the experience and expertise of our interdisciplinary team of specialists, we assist builders, building owners, designers and contractors at the individual stages of project implementation.

During cooperation with builders, we use our knowledge of the specific features of commercial buildings and help select and implement solutions to increase the value of the project, develop relations with tenants and users and reduce operating costs.

When cooperating with architects, we use our team’s expertise to select reasonable and practical design solutions that conform to the requirements for green construction. Our company also prepares design guidelines and provides assistance with the preparation of LEED and BREEAM documentation.

During cooperation with contractors, our specialists prepare the construction management plans and procedures required by LEED and BREAM, assist with the preparation and update of documentation and advise on material selection.

The full range of our services includes the following:

  • technical advice in the design process with respect to the analysis and selection of green solutions,
  • supporting the design process with analyses of daylighting, natural ventilation and thermal comfort,
  • advice and analysis regarding the possibilities of restoring and renovating existing buildings,
  • ASHRAE Level I and Level II energy audits,
  • assisting with the implementation of LEED and BREEAM requirements during construction, preparing plans, policies and procedures,
  • monitoring the implementation of LEED and BREEAM requirements.

We combine knowledge of the principles of LEED and BREEAM certification and green construction with experience in designing and advising and with knowledge of project implementation requirements. This enables us to find effective solutions that generate permanent added value for our Clients.

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Jerzy Wójcik is an expert in green construction with over 9 years of experience as an architect, assessor and consultant.

Jerzy Wójcik
Director/Owner of JW+A

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