WELL & Fitwel Certifications

WELL certification is a system for the design and assessment of buildings and interiors developed by IWBI (International WELL Building Institute).

It is the world’s first certification system that focuses on the health, comfort and well-being of building users. Since we spend as much as 90% of our time indoors, WELL will focus on the application of design solutions that will positively affect the health, fitness, mood, quality of sleep and, as a result, the well-being and productivity of users.

Fitwell certification is a building certification system that optimizes the health impact of buildings on occupants managed by the Center for Active Design.

The JW+A team includes accredited WELL and Fitwell specialists.

What are the benefits of WELL and Fitwell certification?

WELL and Fitwell certification contributes to creating healthy and productive spaces in buildings that positively impact occupant health and well-being.
For companies, investing in people and improving their physical and mental health is not only socially responsible and image-beneficial, but also economically viable common sense. Because 90% of corporate spending is related to employee compensation and benefits more broadly, which means that the return on investment in a healthier and happier workforce also extends to savings and gains from increased productivity and less frequent sick leave.

For what types of buildings can a WELL certificate be obtained?

WELL certification is tailored to all types of commercial buildings and interiors, both new construction and existing, including but not limited to:

  • Office facilities, including those in development standard,
  • Residential buildings,
  • Hotels,
  • Schools,
  • Shopping malls,
  • Restaurants,
  • Hospitals.

How do I get WELL certified?

WELL AP and Fitwel Ambassador Accredited Professionals
Our team consists of qualified experts with WELL AP and Fitwel Ambassador accreditations, which they obtained as one of the first people in Poland.

Collaboration with WELL AP JW+A for new building and interior
WELL JW+A accredited professionals help tenants, as well as developers and building owners, obtain WELL certification. In order to obtain certification for a facility, requirements describing specific technical solutions and HR policies, as well as the construction process, must be implemented.

For optimal and effective implementation, cooperation with JW+A experts consists of three basic stages:

Pre-assessment of the project
In this phase our experts analyze the project in terms of the possibility of implementation of particular WELL guidelines and together with the client define the manner and scope of their implementation.

Implementation of the WELL requirements at the project stage and obtaining the WELL pre-certification
Then, in cooperation with the project team, our experts help to implement the solutions identified in the pre-assessment phase and verify them for compliance with the requirements. JW+A’s expert analysis department also prepares additional expert analyses to support the design process, such as thermal comfort or daylight availability analysis. WELL pre-certification is possible at this stage.  

Documentation evaluation and building audit
JW+A’s experts support the contractor in conducting the construction process in accordance with the requirements and supervise the preparation of the documents to be submitted for evaluation by the certification body. After the documentation has been positively evaluated, JW+A helps to prepare the building for the building quality audit. The WELL certification process ends with a certificate after a positive property assessment by the auditor.

How can we help you?

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Jerzy Wójcik is an expert in green construction with over 9 years of experience as an architect, assessor and consultant.

Jerzy Wójcik
Director/Owner of JW+A

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