EDGE Standard

EDGE - what is it?

EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) is a building rating system that facilitates the design and certification of zero-emission and energy-efficient buildings. EDGE certification aims to promote construction that reduces the use of energy, water and other natural resources, thereby minimising the environmental impact of buildings.

The EDGE rating system was created by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, and covers newly designed or existing buildings such as airports, educational buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, light industrial, office, retail and warehouses.

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What are the benefits of EDGE?

EDGE is the only building certification that combines environmental and financial aspects. It works through a cloud-based platform that has an advanced climate and cost data set, resource consumption patterns and algorithms to predict building performance.

EDGE certification helps developers, investors and building owners to deliver more energy-efficient and sustainable projects to the market, helping to protect the environment and reduce the subsequent operating costs of the investment.

Lower energy bills

Increasing the market value of property

The image of sustainable investment

Water savings

Reducing the environmental impact of the building

Improving the comfort of building users

How can we help you get EDGE certified?

With many years of experience, EDGE experts, we support our clients in obtaining EDGE certification for investments at every stage of the project. We work with property owners, developers, managers, general contractors and project teams.By obtaining EDGE certification for your investment, you are taking the first step towards achieving your ESG and sustainability strategy goals. We will help you plan your next ones.

We will guide you through
the certification process:


Data entry and project registration. The client, together with the EDGE Expert, enters the project design data into the EDGE App. Subsequently, the project is registered and the necessary documentation is submitted.


Design audit. The EDGE Auditor reviews the documentation and, if the project is eligible for certification, will suggest the project to the certifier (GBCI), which will issue a decision.


Preliminary EDGE certification. If the decision is positive, the project will receive a preliminary design certification.


On-site audit: Again, the project data is entered, recorded and the requested construction documentation is submitted. The EDGE Auditor evaluates that the design strategies have been implemented correctly and that they guarantee a minimum savings of 20% in the building’s performance.


EDGE Certification. Finally, the certifier reviews the documents prepared by the EDGE Auditor. If they are presented correctly and the building complies with the requirements, the EDGE Certification is officially obtained.

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