LEED AND BREEAM analyses and reports

Our analysis team prepares a wide range of studies, audits and reports, whether required directly to acquire LEED and BREEAM certificates or individually requested by our Clients.

JW+A specialists prepare the following:

  • analysis of energy efficiency at early stages of design (“simple box energy modelling”) in parallel to the ongoing designing activities to enable a comparison of the design options,
  • dynamic energy modelling based on ASHRAE 90.1-2007 and 2010 standards or Polish regulations to calculate the annual energy consumption costs and optimize specific design solutions for LEED points,
  • LCC (Life Cycle Cost) analyses to optimize and select the selections that are most economically advantageous throughout the life cycle of the building and get points in LEED and BREEAM certification,
  • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) analyses in LEED and BREEAM certification to assess the environmental impact of the building throughout its life cycle,
  • certification of multiple buildings under the LEED – Multiple Buildings and Campus system and certification of urban complexes,
  • simulations and measurements of daylighting and artificial light pollution and analyses of thermal comfort, mechanical ventilation and indoor environment quality.

We provide assistance to reputable design firms and to companies such as Inter IKEA, Comarch or Dekra.

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Jerzy Wójcik is an expert in green construction with over 9 years of experience as an architect, assessor and consultant.

Jerzy Wójcik
Director/Owner of JW+A

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